What’s New? Weekly Logo News for 8.24.17

7 years ago

It’s time for another exciting chapter of logo news! There is lots going on this week in the world of logos, and here are just a few of the highlights.

Political Logo News

Detroit Lions Lash Against their Logo Likeness Being Used at Charlottesville Rally
– Something that looks eerily similar to the Lions’ logo has been used in the Charlottesville rally. The lions aren’t too happy about this, and are fighting against their logo’s likeness being used at all.

Detroit Lions

The Pope’s New Logo for His Peru Trip “Unites Us All”
– The Pope’s logo for his trip to the 5th most populous Latin country involves many “connectedness” features.

Big Brand Changes

Tinder Updates Their App and Their Logo
– Tinder’s logo gets a new simplified “social media app” logo to accompany their most recent app update.

Pinterest Updates and “Modernizes” Their Logo
– And just like that, the swirls are gone. Pinterest has updated their logo without so much as a blog post.

Joann (Fabrics) Changes Their Feel, Capitalization of Their Logo
– Joann gets a little update to their logo, a new color scheme, and new capitalization method.

A Big, Boring Russian Brand Gets Friendly
– This adorable new logo is for a company that creates and maintains business-to-business software – but you wouldn’t guess it from the friendly logo.



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