Every logo has a story. This is ours

Like many stories about how businesses are started, our business was born out of frustration with the status quo. It all began in 2001, when one of our original founders, Morgan Lynch, needed a new logo. At the time he was in charge of marketing for a software company with about 500 employees. Like many companies do, he called a local design agency with an exceptional reputation and hired them for the project.

After three sets of revisions, each of which cost more time and money, including lengthy travel times to the agency, Morgan hired a freelance designer. The freelancer was closer to his vision, but still off base. Morgan asked the design agency to use the freelancer’s work as a base, for which he was charged additional fees. Two months and thousands of dollars later, Morgan had spent too much time and money for a logo he considered mediocre, and he was out of time and budget.

Morgan went on to successfully co-found Logoworks to be the opposite of his agency experience. Twenty years, 300,000 logos, and 80,000 satisfied customers later, we’re just getting started.