What’s New? Weekly Logo News for 8.10.17

7 years ago

Welcome back for another exciting weekly logo news post!

This week, not a lot happened in the logo world…but there was tons happening behind the scenes in the design world. So this week, we’re just going to talk about a couple of those pretty awesome stories.

Logo Updates

Grinnell Mutual Changes Their Feel
– Grinnell Mutual has decided to stop living in the past and has started considering the future: Trust in Tommorrow, they say. The new branding style includes a sweeter, more connected feel, and features pictures of people fishing, playing baseball, and enjoying life in general.

Old vs. new logo

Design, Design, and More Design

Fun Stickers for the Freelancers
– We can’t figure out which is our favorite. Check them all out and see which one you like, either for your freelancing friends or employees 🙂

Biohackers Encoded Malware in a String of DNA
– You read it right – now read about it.

Humanscale has Come Back to Life
– The tool that companies used up into the 80’s to figure out the general statistics for the people they were designing for has made a comeback.

Smarthomes are Getting Smarter
– A new sensor has hit the markert that really makes smarthouses a little spooky.

The Self-Driving 18-Wheeler
– Are truckers a thing of the past? Elon Musk is revealing a self-driving 18-wheeler next month.

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