What’s New? Logo News for 8.2.17

7 years ago

We’re back for some new logo news of the week. Hope everyone is excited for their Friday!

Logo Updates

IBM Gets a New Division Logo 
– Of course, IBM is not updating their logo.

Converse Updates Its Logo for the First Time Ever
– A star is still featured in this new design. Only took them a century to update – literally.

Haagan-Dazs Tries to Take Over the Premium Ice Cream Market Again
– It’s pretty hard for your standard P&G product to “stand out”, but the creators at Haagan-Dazs didn’t want to be the cheap, crummy ice cream anymore.

Happy Birthday, Canada!: Canada Gets a New Logo
– Canada turns 150 and gets all pretty!

New Logo

Other Logo News

A New Logo-Less Identity System has Risen
– Yep, an identity system without a logo. So…how are you going to identify it? Check it out.

A Nice Article on the Evolution of the Lego Logo
– Tongue twister right there. Did you know that Legos didn’t always look like Legos?

Sort of Logo News

The Importance of Careful Editing in Design
– What does this bag say, exactly? Now blink. NOW what does it say?

Glitter…or…is that an H?

MS Paint Dies – and Then Lives Again
– Paint lives on! We compiled some pretty cool artwork right here on our blog.

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