What’s New? Logo News For 11.2.2017

7 years ago

Hello again and welcome to our weekly logo news! There isn’t a lot going on in the logo world this week, but there’s a ton in design. If you’re not still in a sugar coma from Halloween, read on for some really cool things happening in the world!

Cool Nerdy Design Stuff

New Arcade Box Rocks the Old School Look and The Pocketbook
– This is definitely not for the faint of wallet, but it’s really well designed, so take a peek.

Starwars Trailer Epically Spooky, Hints at Lots of Darkness
– The newest Starwars movie is coming out in a little over a month, and the team is really cranking out the mysteriously designed trailers.

New Charging Stations for Devices Get the Dapper Treatment
– A new design for those who really hate charging their phones on hockey pucks with ugly wires.

Virtual Reality Art – Art That Only Exists Through Your Smartphone Lens
– Oh yeah, this is pretty cool. Look at Snapchat’s new endeavor.

Design in the World of Children

Stretchy Clothes Introduced That Grow with Children
– Isn’t it annoying to continually purchase clothing for your kids? Check this out for a really awesome alternative.

Edible Posters and Tickets Featured at Kids Museum
– If you read one story today, read this one. Honestly, we think they should make everything edible like this!

Aibo Robot Dog Resurrected by Sony After a Decade
– This adorable dog has another chance at life, but this time he comes with some AI.

Other News

Google’s AI Thinks a Turtle is a Gun
– Google AI is getting quite talented, but it isn’t quite hitting all of the marks yet.

Germany Allows Driverless Bus to Take to the Streets
– Germany has launched their first driverless bus in Bavaria, and it did a great job on its first day!

Climate Action Challenge Brings All the Designers to The Yard
– The climate action challenge this year features many excellent designs that help fight climate change.

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