What’s New? Weekly Logo News for 8.30.2017

7 years ago

Welcome to the newest edition of logo news! Catch all the new goodies from around the web in one convenient location. While there isn’t a lot going on in design this week, there are a few really notable logo changes!

Huge Logo Change Highlights

YouTube Gets Its First Logo Change EVER
– The company has finally updated their logo and dropped their ‘Tube.

Johnsonville Updates Logo, Packaging, and Photos on Sausages
– The popular processed meat company has changed their packaging, logo, and colors.

Re/Max Gets a Big Logo Update, Spreads Out a Little
– Realtor company Re/Max gets a serious logo update, though they do retain their old colors.

John&Jane Gets Adorable Redesign, Whimsical Animation
– John&Jane helps with events for companies and parties, and they’ve just had one big huge – adorable – redesign. Check out their new look.

John and Jane monogram


Other Design News

Stunning Movable Before & After Photos of Houston Flooding are Breath Taking
– The flooding in Houston has been devastating and surreal. Here are some amazing photos of how tragic this storm has been for the area.

Stock.io Introduced, Includes Fonts, Images, Videos, Free
– Stock.io has come to market, and it’s a fantastic tool for those of us who aren’t exactly in the making-enough-to-pay-for-Adobe realm.


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