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7 years ago

Welcome to our Logoworks’ first issue of “What’s New?”! Each week we plan to feature some neat stuff that’s happening in the logo, website, and design world. It should be fun.

Feel free to contribute additional sources for news or other headliner news that was skipped – comments are awesome!

Logo Changes

There isn’t always a big announcement when logos change, but companies…we are watching you.

Miracle Whip
The mayo-substitute has a new vibe with their label redesign. They recently started a new campaign on Facebook that features children dressed up in old folks’ clothes with catchy mottos about “zip and tang” and “in my day…” ha ha. The new redesign actually looks like their logo in the 1970’s, so I suppose that’s the aim. Here’s a spoiler:

Mmm-Mmm, retro salad dressing.

Here are a few more from this week:

Spartan Systems Rebrands as “Very”, Drops Sexist Logo and Name
The Cavaliers Drop Their Old Logo, But Kept Their C
Hope Not Hate Revamps Their Logo to Make It More Forceful

Some News in the World of Logo and Design

PayPal is suing Pandora for stealing their logo. The logos are obviously similar, but PayPal insists that Pandora literally copied their logo. See for yourself:

You can’t copyright the letter “P”, by the way, PayPal.

A cool couple of fun stories:

Skyscrapers Made of Wood
Amazon Builds Giant Office and Meeting Room Domes and Fills Them with Trees
Architect Ornamentation Fad: Emojis


Food for Thought

So my food for thought article of the week is this one: 10 Corporate Giants – Their Logos and Taglines

My question to you is: do you LIKE these logos? Do you CARE about these logos (and mottos)? What do you…or what don’t you…like about them?

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