Meet Aaron, Our Director of Client Development!

6 years ago

While Aaron is technically our director of client development, he admits that it’s just a fancy title for customer service rep. Here at Logoworks, however, our titles matter much less than what we do, and Aaron does a ton!

“The best part of my job is that no two days are alike,” he writes in an email to me. “I’m also crazy – in a good way – about our clients. I wouldn’t be typing this if it weren’t for them.” I’ve only known Aaron a few months, but I find his style of humor and giant heart refreshing – and he’s definitely more than just a fancy customer service rep to our team.

Aaron lives in Raleigh, NC (which he fondly refers to as Raleighwood). Just like the place I grew up in while I was in California, he is in the best spot to be two hours from the beach and two hours from the mountains, which is great fun for his eldest daughter. Aaron’s family recently welcomed another baby girl this year to their family to whom their dog Duke (named after John Wayne) is very attached.

This cobalt blue-loving cowboy never knew he was going to work for a design company (hint: a lot of us didn’t). Aaron puts it this way: “Things always work out in their own strange ways. It’s really not all about design for me, but having the opportunity to work with some really awesome small business and startups. If I can help them look good, then that’s a plus.”

We think Aaron does an excellent job at making businesses look good as he devotes sometimes more than his 40 hours in a week. Aaron finds that “turning work off” is one of the hardest things for him, and sometimes he finds himself simply working longer hours in a day when he knows it’s time to wait until tomorrow. “It’s just so cool seeing our designs in use. I’ve seen our designs on packing to food trucks and everything in between.” Aaron credits being able to see such successful designs brought to life, in part, to his commitment and devotion to his job and role at Logoworks. We do, too. His favorite quote by Thomas Edison – featured above – reflects his worth ethic quite nicely.

Not only is Aaron committed, humorous, and a family man, he’s also kind. When I jokingly asked him what he would do with $5,000 he didn’t need, he said that he would turn his $5,000 into a “pay it forward” event, and help as many people as he could. “That way, my $5000 initial investment would turn into tens of thousands of helpful dollars.” 

Five years in, and with no end in sight, Aaron is a valuable, loved part of the Logoworks team and we hope he feels the same way about us as we do him!


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