Do You Guys Really Exist?

7 years ago

On a warm Wednesday morning, I forgot to call my COO, Toufan. We check in every week to make sure we’re on the same page, and I had gotten swept up in about ten things I had forgotten I needed to do until about 10 minutes before our scheduled call. He called me an hour and a half later, and after my humble apology, we began to chat about what was going on with social media and the like (that is, after all, pretty much my department).

I realized, as we chatted, that while we were talking as individuals about an entity that we affectionately call “Logoworks”, and we were brainstorming different ways to bring our brand to more people, we were still a company. You, our readers and customers and maybe-customers-soon, don’t know about these chats. You don’t know about all of this behind the scenes shipping, scrum meetings, and “wait, what just happened here?” moments. We run Logoworks, and then we present Logoworks to you. All you see is Logoworks.

All you see is Logoworks.

I can tell you right now that Liz loves to make jewelry. Touf is colorblind. Aaron’s wife just had a baby. A lot of us say, “we work for Logoworks,” but the thing is that we are Logoworks. Everything you read, do, write, was somehow written by someone on our team, and it was then discussed, tested, mulled over, changed a dozen times, and tweaked so that it was something we were eventually proud to present. What you see that visually represents Logoworks is a sum of our parts; a sum of Toufan’s colorblindness, my style of writing, or Liz’ particularly good sense of color from jewelry building.

So do we exist? Yeah, we exist. We exist as individuals that work at a company that we like. But at the same time, we exist as Logoworks. We are Logoworkers, in fact, and we chat about how to serve you better EVERY day as a company. We have our own lives, but when we’re Logoworks, we exist simply to serve you. We don’t exist to spam you, or force you to buy something, or take advantage of the fact that you’ve never worked in anything more than Paint (but have you seen what people can do in Paint?). We exist as Logoworks so that we can make your life easier for a totally seriously reasonable price. And we do it without starving our designers – each and every one gets paid for each and every piece of work that they do.

So maybe all you see is Logoworks, and maybe you think we don’t exist because we take weekends off, or because we make a mistake and don’t respond to you right away about something you need urgently. But I promise: we exist. We exist to serve you. And we feel really, really bad about not emailing you back sooner – so sorry, Janet.

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