Google Shopping Express – what’s the logo?

11 years ago

Earlier this afternoon, one of our Logoworks staff members captured a pic of the Google Shopping Express car in the Bay Area.

Google hasn’t exactly released a whole lot of details about the car, so we were excited when we saw an actual, genuine, bona fide Shopping Express car on the street!  This is the first car we’ve seen, in person or online, so as far as we know, you’re looking at a Logoworks exclusive:


While we were pretty excited about the car itself, we started to think about the car’s design.  Pretty standard Google minimalist white design.  As logo designers, our thought obviously centered around the logo.  What is that logo?

Eyelashes?  As in – “We’ll deliver your products in the blink of an eye!”

A clock?  “We’ll deliver for you in no time at all!”

Some form of compass rose?  “Now that we’ve bought Waze, our navigation is even better!”

A speedometer or other gauge?  “We’ll drive fast, but not break any laws fast”

Maybe something else?  What do you think that logo is?  Leave us a comment!



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