For Blogs, Pt I: Do You Need a Blog Logo?

7 years ago

You probably don’t think you need a blog logo.

You’ve heard about the lucrative world of blogging, and you’ve decided to dive right in. Considering some bloggers are making upwards of $10,000 a month writing advice about money and partnering with one or two companies, it makes sense that you’re tempted by such opportunities. Many blogs are successful with a little luck and fairy dust, but the vast majority fall into the pit of the Internet that grows exponentially every day.

How do you avoid the pit of abandoned blogs and writing detriment? While it isn’t easy, it is doable with effort, a bit of that magical fairy dust, and preparation and branding. Branding starts with your logo, and it certainly doesn’t end there, so we aren’t either. Today we’re going to talk about blog logos and why they’re important, but next week we’ll talk about a different element of blog branding and design to help you get started in the best way possible. We’ll make it short and to the point: if you’re not going to get a blog logo, we probably can’t convince you to do so – but it’s important enough to talk about today.

Yes, Your blog needs a logo. Maybe you won’t listen to a design and logo blogger, but maybe you’ll listen to an SEO expert. Or maybe a blogging expert. Or just another one of our blogs. I have no idea what will convince you but know this: a logo will become your image. It becomes your reputation. Faces are forgettable, and in a world where everyone is fighting to be genuine, it makes sense you would want it out there on your blog – but people aren’t going to look at your face and know who you are. But they’ll look at your logo.

blog logo nike

Do you know any of the faces behind Nike? I certainly don’t (even though they have them out there on their website), but I would recognize that checkmark on a shoe, on a bus, on a shirt, on a backpack…

Nothing will replace your pretty face, and we don’t think you should, but your blog still needs a symbol. Something people remember after they’ve downloaded your free printables or tried your mom’s tikka masala recipe.

You want to connect with your audience. Again, maybe you think a face is more relatable than a logo, and maybe that’s true – if you get the wrong logo. People relate to logos, too. People find them clever, interesting, funny, and memorable.

In person, the Redhead Mom looks like any other pretty redhead, but when you give her an avatar, she’s not only easier to remember but more relatable overall. You can tell she likes travel, kids, and food. A lot of us moms like that stuff. She’s redheaded and likes to sit and browse on her computer. That’s pretty cool too.

She’s cool and has a living plant, too, something that a lot of us moms are not very good at accomplishing, right?

It would be difficult to portray all of that in a picture of a real person, and it’s much better and easier to incorporate into a blog logo.

If for no other reason, remember that a blog logo – and logos in general – are adjustable. If your logo runs into some trouble in a deep alley and you make a mistake, you can always rebrand and reboot now that you’ve learned your lesson. Generally speaking…you can’t rebrand your face.

You won’t regret getting a blog logo, and you’ll thank us for even suggesting it. Tune in next week for our part two in our blog design education series.


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