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10 years ago

My roommate and I just moved.  Our new house is in utter shambles.  I totally can’t find anything.  At night, I stumble around in the dark, fumbling to find the light switches because I haven’t figured out where they are yet.  All of our stuff is here, so this new house is familiar yet foreign at the same time.  Isn’t moving fun?  Personally, I’m a bit of a vagabond, and I’ve moved a lot thus far in my life, so I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with quite a few realtors, and I’ve seen a lot of realtor logos.  Some of them were good and memorable, and others were a bit more typical and boring.  So, what makes a good real estate logo?

Real estate logos are a rather unique sort of logo.  They are prone to being cliché, with their images of buildings, rooftops, and keys.  However, with some creativity and forethought behind your design, your real estate logo could set you apart from your competitors.  When designing a real estate logo, it is important to consider the personality of the realtor or realty company.  This is the image that the logo ought to convey.  A good logo will impart to customers approachability, reliability, and trustworthiness.  Creative use of color can imply trendiness, someone who know what’s going on in the market.  Typography can be utilized to achieve the desired effect too.  A skilled graphic designer will know how to creatively use traditional real estate images while adding a new twist.  Real estate logo designs aren’t as limited as some may think.  Here’s a round up of some cool real estate logos for your inspiration.


Castle-RealtyDog Logo













NetWorth Real Estate


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