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10 years ago

Our world is bright, busy, and moving faster than most of us.  We are surrounded by color, so a multi-colored logo is appealing for a multitude of reasons.  However, a logo design comprised of a single color can be deceptively simple, which can ultimately make it quite memorable in our our colorful lives.  We are so accustomed to seeing multi-colored logos everywhere we look; perhaps a one color logo will stand out, and make us take a second glance.

A single color logo can communicate your brand concisely, especially with the assistance of an adept graphic designer.  Given how quickly we move in our modern society, brand clarity is a key component of a good logo design.  One color logo designs can also be incredibly versatile, which is another really important aspect of any strong logo.  Single color logos translate well into multiple mediums, such as faxes, black and white copies, business cards, stationary, and emblems embroidered on clothing.  They can be printed or reproduced in any color.  Unlike logos that incorporate multiple colors, for which contrast can be an issue, one color logos can also easily be printed in grayscale without any revisions.  Single color logos are generally comprised primarily of shape and negative space, which makes it difficult to create a design that is too busy and potentially visually unappealing.  Because they tend to be simpler in design, they also tend to be easier to scale, and a strong logo ought to look good both large and small.  Not only are busy, complicated designs often visually unappealing, they are often more expensive to create and reproduce.  One color logos tend to be more cost effective than multi-colored logos.  While this might not be a huge consideration if the logo is used primarily online, it can be very helpful in minimizing costs when printing promotional items such as business cards, stationary, and pens.

While many companies may prefer to use multiple colors in their logo designs, opting for a one color logo can be an especially great idea for a small business or a business that is just getting started.  So if you are pondering creating your own logo or having a custom logo designed for your business, here are some awesome single color logos to help you with your one color logo design inspiration.


Bridges Logo

Fish Lounge Logo

Orange Cat Logo

Maritime Law Logo

Wiesinger Music Logo

Golf Park Logo

Leaf Tree Logo

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