The North Korea, NASA Face-Off

10 years ago

Hey, look!  North Korea’s space agency has a new logo!  With its white lettering, swooshing rings, and blue globe, it doesn’t resemble NASA’s logo at all.  Oh, wait….


Declaring it as a “symbol of a formal proof of the nature and mission” of the agency, the National Aerospace Development Administration (NADA) revealed its new logo on state-run media earlier in April 2014.

Korea Central News Agency offered the following explanation. “The emblem of the NADA was recently instituted, which represents its character, mission, position and development prospects.  Seen in the lower part of the globe-shaped dark blue emblem are white-colored letters “Kukgaujugaebalkuk” (National Aerospace Development Administration) in Korean and in its upper part light blue-colored letters “DPRK” with the Great Bear above them. Printed in its middle are white-colored letters “NADA” in English.”


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