Why You Need a Logo

10 years ago

As you think about the structure of your business model and your plans for your company, you are perhaps considering creating your own logo or having a custom logo designed for you.  Or perhaps you’re wondering if you even need a logo.  Maybe you don’t really know what a logo is or why it’s important.  Your company’s name is sufficient, right? Isn’t a logo just unnecessary artwork?  While a logo is artwork, it’s actually a rather  important piece of artwork for any organization, and you do need one.  Let’s establish some of the basics so that you can begin to understand the importance of a logo for your business.

What Is a Logo?

A logo is the mark, symbol, emblem, or design that is used to identify a organization.  Its core function is to serve as the identifying mark that people associate with the organization to which it belongs.  For a business or corporation, it is essentially the face of your brand.  When people hear your company’s name or think of your company’s products, they will also think of your logo, and when they see your logo, they will think of your company and its products and services.  For example, if I name a few companies, such as McDonald’s, Target, and Nike, you probably automatically think the “golden arches”, the “swoosh”, and the red bullseye.  Those logos have become synonymous with the brands that they represent, which is the purpose of a logo.


McDonald's Logo with Name






Target Bullseye Logo








Nike "Swoosh"Nike Logo









Why Do You Need a Logo?

A logo is one of the best tools that you have in your box of marketing strategies.  It’s versatility can be unparalleled, especially if you have a really good design.  From your signs, website, and company letterhead to your utilization of social media outlets and promotional items, your logo can go almost anywhere.  Furthermore, your logo is often the first impression your company makes on your associates and consumers, and it will ideally become a symbol of reliability for all who see it.  A logo helps you to differentiate your brand, products, or services from similar products or services in today’s marketplace.  It exemplifies your company’s uniqueness, and it sets you apart from your competitors.  While this is especially helpful when you are starting a new business, it can also be really beneficial if your company is changing the nature of its current business or introducing a new range of products or services.

Whether you are an independent small business owner just getting started or a large corporation looking to take your business in a new direction, a logo is an important asset for your marketing strategy.  A strong logo that truly portrays the values of your business will convey more to your associates and consumers than your name alone.  It will become part of your visual identity, a representation of who you are and what you stand for.  Artistic expression through graphic design is a valuable mechanism for generating public interest, and it should certainly not be forgotten when you consider the future of your business.

Above are some creative logos for your viewing pleasure.
Above are some creative logos for your viewing pleasure.

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