Logos That Look Like Animals

10 years ago

Our perception of animal characteristics can be an exceptionally useful tool in the world of logo design.  Animals images in logo design can be used symbolically to subtly convey meaning to viewers.  Our perceptions of an animal’s characteristics can be used to attribute specific ideas about a company or product.  There is really no limit to the range of products and services that can be described using animal imagery.  From cars, to clothing, to drinks, and beyond, the use of animals is a fun and creative means of producing an innovative and memorable logo design.  Let’s look at some cool logo designs that incorporate animals and the meaning that these designs impart.  Shall we?

Owls are a symbol of wisdom and intelligence.  Using an owl to in your logo design can evoke feelings of stability and trust in the viewer.

Owl LogoOwl Logo






Lions represent strength and power.  A lion logo will tell your customers that your business is confident and dependable.

Lion LogoLion Logo







Cats can also be used to express speed and agility.

Jaguar Logo

Puma Logo







Dogs instill a sense of loyalty and trustworthiness.

Dog LogoDog Logo








The possibilities for really cool logo designs using animal themes are endless, especially with the assistance of a skilled graphic designer.  What are some of your favorite animal logos?

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