Logos as Fashion: In or Out?

11 years ago

Are logos making a comeback in high-end fashion? Depends on where you are and who you ask.

In a reverse of the logo fatigue that set in after knockoffs of luxury brands became so ubiquitous, logos are again popping up on the runways and streets of New York and LA. High-end designers are once more incorporating iconic imprints into their designs, if not in slightly more subtle or even tongue-in-cheek ways compared to the in-your-face approach of the logomania of the 90s and early aughts. Casualwear labels are also getting in on the trend, often with a wink (see: Celine/Feline t-shirts).

But in China, the “what’s old is new again” mantra has not yet made the rounds, and prominent logos adorning luxury goods is still resoundingly “out.” Because items, especially handbags, plastered with logos became so commonplace across the country and were no longer a marker of status, discerning customers have come to opt for lux goods that are a bit more understated.

What do you think? Have you noticed the logo trend headed one way or the other?

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