Logo Controversy

11 years ago

It is fairly common for controversy to erupt over a rebrand of a well-known design. Call it fear of change, undermining of current brand or widespread dislike for the creative work itself.

However, it seems that lately there have been an increased number of Logos under scrutiny with accusations and references to acts such as promoting rape, racism, sexism and Satanism.

Here are a few:

Proctor & Gamble – Brought back a moon symbol, despite old false Satanist accusations. http://read.bi/YXGXXr

University of Connecticut (UConn) – had an accusation that their new Logo promotes rape. http://bit.ly/ZV4u90

Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians – references to unfavorable portrayal of Native Americans. http://es.pn/XcQRjQ

Florida Recruitment Logo – accusations of sexist design. http://nbcnews.to/16LuN9N

Google – controversy over the Cesar Chavez doodle http://fxn.ws/14uZjQX

Is it the increased popularity of social networking, poor choices by the organizations or a heightened awareness of design and branding due to the flooding of advertisements and other marketing efforts? You decide.

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