Why Internet Matters

10 years ago

Internet Matters is a joint initiative from BT, Sky, Talk Talk, and Virgin Media, which are the four major internet providers in the United Kingdom.  It is an independent, non-profit organization, established in an effort to help parents maintain online safety for their children. Internet Matters provides information and practical suggestions, with compilations of facts organized by age.  The goal is to assist children and parents in creating a safer and more secure internet environment.

The organization’s name and identity were created by venturethree, a London based firm.  According to venturethree, “We created the brand strategy for the new initiative and the brand name Internet Matters — with a double meaning — to reflect the fact that this is a serious-modern day issue that parents haven’t had to deal with before.  Our objective was to create something engaging and informative with high impact — yet to also be clear that this wasn’t about telling parents how to be better parents. Instead it’s about encouraging them to talk about the internet with their children, learn about important information to keep them safe, and what action to take to deal with issues should they arise. We summed it up with the tagline ‘Learn about it. Talk about it. Deal with it.”


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