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10 years ago

When Resa Lee was first handed her newborn son, he was folded and tucked, and folded again inside the soft hospital blanket – much like a wonton. Using these special moments as inspiration, the Lees founded Baby Wonton, a baby and toddler clothing line for children of mixed Asian and American heritage.


With so many families having parents from different races, cultures and ethnic background, the Lees were having a difficult time finding baby products that represented who they were individually, and as a couple. “As a new mom, I wanted to ensure my mixed race child could identify with both Asian and American culture,” Resa explains. Wanting her child to be proud of being Hapa, someone of mixed Asian or Pacific Islander descent, Resa was hitting roadblocks trying to find quality products that could help her teach and maintain her Asian culture and traditions with her son. Remembering her first few moments as a proud new mother, Resa was motivated and decided to work to fill the void she and so many other Asian parents felt.

Baby Wonton was met with extreme enthusiasm as other mothers and families expressed their support for the merchandise. Focusing for now, on their Hapa collection Baby Wonton has expanded to include unique items for a niche marketplace, including bodysuits and t-shirts for babies and toddlers to show their pride in whom they are and from where they come. The company also sells knitted wool panda bear hats, training chopsticks in three different colors, and Asian rice bowls.


By understanding that no two families are alike, Baby Wonton works hard to illustrate and highlight the uniqueness of each family. Attributing its success to the close relationship the Lees feel with each customer, Baby Wonton is constantly expanding to offer more products to help fill the void for other unique families. “We try to cater to their needs, ideas, and requests as well as focus on surprising and delighting them,” Resa says. After numerous requests for clothing that included more dynamic Hapa pairings, Baby Wonton expanded its collection to include shirts featuring same sex parents. But they won’t be stopping there. Baby Wonton continues to create products and designs hand-picked for comfort and kid-durability.


Successfully establishing itself as a high quality, yet affordable brand in a constantly growing market, Baby Wonton has gained customer loyalty and a healthy base of referral customers. With an easy to remember name and a logo that is visually appealing to its customers and potentially new customers Baby Wonton continues to grow. With a majority of their marketing being word-of-mouth, it is evident that Resa’s initial feelings of under-representation were not solely her own. With the founding and continued growth of Baby Wonton, the Lees have been able to successfully fill the void they and so many other parents felt.

babywonton-familyphoto-042314-v3-1 Baby Wonton products are sold on popular retail websites including Additional information can be found at,

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