How to Create a Visually Engaging Social Media Page

9 years ago

Content that is visual is the key to unlocking the power of social media. Whatever platform you’re using, make sure you think in terms of engaging your visitors visually. This doesn’t necessarily have to be with photos. Any images that pop are great; for example, you can try illustrations, graphics, quotes, or designs. The important thing is for your text to always be accompanied by some kind of engaging image.

Appropriate Sizing

Different social media platforms require different image dimensions. Make sure you familiarize yourself with the specifications and always use images that are the correct size. For example, a Facebook profile picture should be 180×180 and a cover photo 852×315. Respecting these dimensions means that your image will be of a high enough quality as to attracts the visitors’ attention and that it will be displayed correctly on all devices.

A Consistent Look

Visuals are only successful when they effectively represent your brand, so don’t start a habit of posting every catchy graphic you come across. Dig deeper to find the kind of visual content that your specific audience will be interested in. Keep it harmonious with your brand’s philosophy and goals to make sure it speaks to your target audience. Finally, make sure that all your social media pages reflect a design ethos that is consistent with your company’s style and attitude. The content posted should be different, but the idea and overall look should be the same across platforms.

Proper Placement

Too often companies post great, engaging content, but it’s just not placed well on the page. How many times have you seen a Facebook profile picture, for example, that cuts off the most important part of the cover photo? Try to avoid such obvious mistakes by studying what should go where and carefully placing your visual materials to allow for maximum visibility.

Backgrounds and Icons

An interesting background or an icon that pops can really assist you in getting your message across because they attract attention and address a larger audience. Carefully and cleverly used, they can reinforce your text and help you evoke emotion. Keep in mind, though, that an abstract background is always better because it grabs the reader’s eye but doesn’t spell out your message before the viewer has a chance to dig into your content.

Try to dedicate more space to images rather than to text, if you want to create a visually engaging social media page. Less is more when it comes to words, so keep your message clear and concise to get it across in an appealing manner that adds to your brand’s distinct personality.

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