5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Great Logo

3 years ago

Your logo is everything that your business stands for. In short, your logo introduces your company, fully describes it, and immediately solidifies it in your audience’s memory. It enhances first impressions, raises curiosity, and creates excitement. A great logo, however, does much more than that. It establishes your brand’s identity, generates trust, and sums up all the reasons why your business is better than the rest. So if you want your company to not only separate itself from the bunch, but also to receive the appropriate recognition for its positive attributes, then why not keep reminding your potential customers what these are – discretely, creatively and fuss-free?

1. A great logo attracts immediate attention.

Just as important as your company’s name is to making a lasting first impression, your logo can make you or break you. A great logo – combined with a clever label – will undoubtedly raise eyebrows; make people curious; and force everyone to remember you. That momentary first impression needs to be striking, bold, and to the point; and there is nothing that can do this more effectively than a great logo specifically designed to represent everything that you’re proud of about your business.

2. A clever logo delivers your message for you.

What is it that should set your company above its competitors? When you started up, there must have been something that was fueling your efforts, something that you believed in, wanted to communicate, and wished to achieve through your work. A clever logo should tell your potential customers all of this. With a little imagination and creativity, your logo could say even more – leaving you with very little advertising and promotion work.

3. An attractive logo sets you apart from your competitors.

Although you would think that all business owners who are serious about succeeding would choose to attach a great logo to their company, this is surprisingly not the case. Company owners seem to neglect that aspect of promoting, advertising, and brand building – considering it perhaps a waste of time and money. But clever, attractive and brand-specific graphic design can do wonders in setting you above your competitors. Plus, it’s a one-off move, before you can enjoy its solid rewards for the rest of your company’s life.

4. A discerning logo inspires trust.

A clever logo will not only attract attention, but it will also turn mere curiosity into loyalty and trust. Your logo has the ability of turning a simple inquiry into long-lasting confidence and a person who happened to check you out, into a steady customer who swears by your services and would never choose to go anywhere else. Customers need to immediately feel good about your business, and your logo can do this; but they also need to be persuaded, encouraged and inspired – which only a clean-cut, professional logo can accomplish.

5. The right logo is timeless.

Finally, your business needs a great logo to stand the test of time. As your competitors slowly fade into the distance, your company logo can ensure that your brand turns from new and exciting, into a trustworthy, professional and a household name. The right logo will solidify your business in your audience’s minds for good. It will be enduring and everlasting. So avoid falling for what is trendy, what sells now, and what is cutting-edge at present – and of course refrain from changing or adjusting your logo several times throughout your brand’s life. This will only confuse and alienate your customers. Instead, opt for classic, evocative, trustworthy, stimulating, and timeless.

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