Color Psychology in Logos and Marketing

10 years ago

The power of color is undeniable.  It is generally believed that babies are able to clearly see color by around five months old, so color associations begin within a child’s first year.  By around five years old, children are able to verbally express an emotional response to colors.  Our emotional responses to color are highly advantageous in the world of marketing.  Logos help define a brand or company,  and graphic designers should make careful and thoughtful color choices when creating a logo.  Color really does matter, and color choice can make a huge difference in how memorable a logo is.

The infographic below gives a good overview of basic color psychology.  It nicely illustrates the importance of color in design.  Not only is color choice important for a brand’s custom logo design, the colors inside of stores and offices can also influence how people feel, which can definitely have an impact on consumer behavior.

Psychology of Color Infographic

For logo designs, color choices are particularly important because logos play a critical role in marketing and advertising.  Your logo impacts how your business or brand is perceived.  The colors of your logo can evoke specific emotions, so it is imperative that colors are wisely chosen in order to accurately reflect your brand.  It is significant to note that meanings of colors vary by culture, which should be considered when creating a logo.  Have a look at the infographic below.  It clearly illustrates how color influences consumers, and it points out how some color meanings vary throughout the world.

Influence of Color Infographic


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