Does Color Define a Logo?

10 years ago

We all know color plays a big role in a logo, but just how much does it define a design? Brazilian graphic designer Paula Rupolo recently conduced an exercise to try to answer that question.

She swapped the colors in the logos of similar or competing brands, for instance, the Coca-Cola logo wore Pepsi’s uniform of red, white and blue while the Pepsi logo was remained in red. Says Rupolo, “When you switch to a competitor’s colors, your brain notices there’s something that doesn’t fit, that makes you go, ‘What’s going on here?’ and that’s interesting and a bit curious.”

Some examples from Rupolo’s exercise:



What did she find? While acknowledges the results were not overly revealing, she said that the exercise does make you look at colors and the logos in a different way.

Which logos do you think look better or worse in a different color scheme?

– Does Color Define a Logo?

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