Why Your Affordable Logo Design Should Still Be Designed by a Professional

7 years ago

We hear you: branding, designing, website building – it isn’t cheap. When you’re operating on a shoestring budget, it only makes sense that you would try to find the most affordable way to do things. So maybe you didn’t drop a few thousand on your branding. Maybe an affordable logo design for you meant whatever change you had in your pocket.

It should still be, look, and feel amazing.

Expense /=/ Quality

When it comes to affordable logo design, the word “affordable” isn’t the defining feature. “Logo design” is the defining feature, and just because you don’t have a ton of cash means you should settle for less.

Sometimes the most effective designers are going to be those who are just starting out. They don’t know if they’re good or not yet, and they’re eager to please. Often, these designers will almost work for pizza, but many of them have years of practice, schooling, and creativity under their belts; they just don’t have the professional experience or the portfolio to charge the big bucks yet. Perhaps you’ll have to be part of that portfolio, or maybe you’ll need to volunteer a testimony, but you won’t be paying high-end designer prices. You’ll still get a good, quality design concept, however, and a very affordable logo design.

Quality = Importance

We are not saying unprofessional designers always come up with terrible designs. In fact, some designers are just natural artists, and have a good eye and excellent creative thought. However, it is more likely someone who has taken the time and effort to refine their talent will present a better concept in the first place, one that can be sculpted into exactly what you want.

Image result for amateur logo

Even if you like the logo your untrained logo designer presents you, it is possible that he or she just does not have the knowledge to make a logo that is not only going to last, but appeals to people in the right way now. For example, perhaps you really like a playful logo design, but your business is one that handles professional services. A playful logo design is childish and very amateur when done incorrectly. There is a place for it, but not for a professional business that is designed for other professional adults. Perhaps your designer just goes with the flow of their creativity instead of taking that kind of thing into consideration, which would be disastrous. An easy and innocent mistake to make, but disastrous all the same.

Money Expense /=/ True Expense

In the end, try to remember that financially is not the only way something can be expensive. An affordable logo design may seem affordable when it comes to dollar bills, but the amount it could cost you to fix the design, redesign the design, or totally scrap it once you realize your mistake can cost you your reputation, clientele, and more money.

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