5 Awesome Accountant Logos

10 years ago

Taxes may be dreadful and boring, even dreadfully boring, but your accountant can still have a really cool logo design!  Just because I can’t do math above what I needed when working in food service, doesn’t mean that math isn’t awesome.  Accountants do complex math things that I completely don’t understand, and they do these complex math things all day, which makes them awesome as far as I’m concerned.  I have much admiration for people who work in professions for which I am totally unqualified because their skill sets are beyond my comprehension.  Thus, if you are looking for an accountant, consider seeking out one who has a really cool logo because that accountant is probably not boring.  If you are yourself an accountant, show the world how incredibly cool you are, and have a creative, unique logo professionally designed for you.  Here are five excellent examples of awesome accountancy logos for your inspirational needs.

Accounting Logo #1

This logo is clean, sleek, and modern.  I also happen to really like blue and green as a color combination.


Accountant Logo #4

This logo beautifully molds a heron into the “Q”.  It is unique and bespeaks the company name well.  The lettering also combines strength with a touch of elegance, which I really like.


Accountant Logo #5

I like how this logo feels cool and a little quirky.  It gives a neat nod to the dreaded math in a playful manner, which makes an otherwise boring logo fresh and fun.


Accountant Logo #2

I love the modernization of the elephant head in the logo.  It’s a really great use of negative space.  Plus, the red square gives the impression of energetic strength.


Accountant Logo #3

I couldn’t resist the squirrel.  I feel like these folks are fun and free-spirited, and perhaps they are as easily distracted as I am.  I would get their help with my taxes!

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