Zolia Vera: A Look at Product Packaging

9 years ago

Logoworks’ very own Allison Humeniuk makes an awesome line of beauty products, and her product packaging is just as good!  Have a look at Allison’s designs, and check out her thoughts on her process.




There are so many options for product packaging. Many people will only glance at your product before deciding if it’s the right fit for them. How do you capture everything you want to say about your company in one little graphic? You design until your fingers have cramped into a semi-permanent claw… and then you design some more.


I picture my packaging in a million different settings. It’s important to envision who will be using these products. Think about your target market’s personality, the places they shop, the things they want – but may not be able to find in other companies. Be that company. Consistently be that company.


I have always been extremely interested in beauty regimens from the 1940’s and earlier. Before I design packaging for a new product, I’ll immerse myself in that time period for hours. Look at what’s been done. Articulate what you like and don’t like. You’ve got to know what you’re going for inside and out or the design won’t capture that specific tone. If you’ve been staring at a graphic for hours, tweaking it here and there, looking at it from all angles… stop! Send it to a friend and ask what their first impression is. You need to see packaging from a customer’s perspective. If I skipped that step, my packaging would be a confusing cross-breed of ideas. Every time I think I have it… I go back to the drawing board a dozen times. Maybe someday there will be a chip in our brains that we can load into computers to perfectly execute our ideas – until then, work hard! It pays off.


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