Welcome to the New and Improved Logoworks.com

11 years ago

We’re excited to announce that we just launched our new website, and we want to take this opportunity to welcome you to the new, the improved Logoworks.com

Our journey started 12 years ago after our founder, Morgan, then the marketing director for a 500-person software company, was tasked with getting a new logo. Like most small businesses do, he called a local design agency, checked out their portfolio, and hired them for the project. After months and months of churn, multiple sets of revisions (each costing more time and money), and countless trips back and forth to the design agency, Morgan gave up and hired a freelance designer. The freelancer’s design was a bit closer to Morgan’s vision, but still not quite there. More revisions, more money, and many more weeks later, Morgan was out of time, had exhausted his budget, and was left with a mediocre logo.

Realizing there has got to be a better way, Morgan went on to co-found Logoworks, designed to be the exact opposite of his agency experience. Logos in 3 days instead of 3 weeks. Unlimited revisions. 5 professional designers, not just one. Affordable, fixed prices. These ideas were completely revolutionary in 2001, and today, they’re still exactly what small business owners need to get a fantastic logo design quickly, hassle-free, and affordably.

We’ve had a lot of milestones through the years. Team members have come and gone, we’ve moved offices a bunch of times, and above it all, we’ve made a LOT of logos. Over 200,000 in fact! We added more products to our repertoire: website design, business card design, stationery design, and our team’s favorite, holiday doodles (these are when we modify a logo for a particular holiday or celebration, like what Google does regularly on their homepage). And we did all of this, while delivering our world-renowned customer service.

Today, we’re taking it one step further with our new website, and we’ve made it easy to you to navigate and find all the information you need to make an informed purchase. We’ve completely modernized the design, simplified the navigation and checkout process, and most importantly, we’ve prominently displayed our phone number in big, bold letters on every single page. It’s just our way of letting you know that if at any time you have any questions or comments whatsoever, please pick up the phone, give us a ring, and see for yourself why our customer service team is the world’s finest.

If you have any feedback for us, about the site, our operations, our designs, or anything else, send us an email at feedback@logoworks.com, and it will go straight to Daniel (President) and Toufan (COO). We promise we’ll reply to each and every one, so please start sending!

Thanks again for joining us as we celebrate our new site, and we’re looking forward to helping you get an logo and website that you’ll absolutely love!

— The Logoworks Team

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