Top Five Logo Design Mistakes

11 years ago

  Sometimes, it’s instructive to examine what’s wrong in order to illuminate what’s right! There are plenty of mistakes when it comes to logo design. Let’s review some common ones, so you know what to avoid and to ensure a path to effective composition.

Complexity. A logo should not be a busy diagram brimming with detail. It may be tempting to incorporate a range of varied elements, because in your mind, your company stands for a lot of important stuff! But in the end this will only distract and confuse consumers. Forcing viewers to process a ton of information will most likely mean they’ll forget the logo the minute they turn away. A complex logo fails to make an impact.

Colors. Incorporating an excess of colors is certain to produce an overly busy logo as well. Also, treating color as the most important element of a logo means it will be difficult to transfer into other formats—there may well be cases when the logo needs to be displayed in black and white (newspaper ads, for example), so it’s key to ensure the logo succeeds in monochrome as well as color.  

Fonts. The font is an absolutely central aspect of a logo design. Typefaces have personalities and evoke a range of emotions. Align your typeface with your brand identity and the emotions you hope to elicit when consumers engage with your brand. If finding the appropriate typeface is proving difficult, contact us—We’re here to help!  

Copycat. Sometimes a copycat strategy works in business; with logo design, it rarely does! Copying the look of another brand’s logo is not a wise move. A central purpose of a logo is to communicate what differentiates your brand from the competition. A logo that echoes or mirrors the visual identity of another company will not stand out, is easily forgettable, and sends a bad message about your company’s ethos.  

Lastly, a logo is an integral component of a brand’s position in the marketplace—so it must be a clear and comprehensible expression of a company’s services and ideals. By the same token, you don’t want a logo to come off as bland or boring. In the end, designing a logo is a delicate balance. Use the above guidelines to avoid the common hazards of logo design, and most importantly, focus on designing a logo that grabs attention!  


– Top Five Logo Design Mistakes      

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