Three Web Trends In an Ever Changing Environment

11 years ago

As designers on the web we are always trying to figure out whats next, where is the internet going, how can we use whats out there to make something unique and useful. Or even better, how can we create something entirely new, out of thin air, using creativity and vision as the only guiding forces. I’m on Dribbble almost everyday looking for inspiration and cool trends. Dribbble is an amazing community for designers that really captures whats going on in the space. Browsing the popular page allows you to see the most beautiful pixel perfect designs others have concocted. But enough about Dribbble, I recently stumbled across, “The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the Internet”. After looking around a bit I decided to collect some of the sites that won awards and point out some of the things these sites are doing that puts them at the cutting edge.


No matter what platform your on they want to provide you with the perfect experience. Through responsive designs and clean layouts they realize the future of the web is not about what the medium used but the value provided, the experience created.

Hotel Style


Using animations/parallax scrolling and other creative concepts, they create a place where you feel like your exploring. The way you interact with it is unique, things move differently, your entertained.
Black Negative


Every website has a story, something they are trying to convey, whether it consists of products or ideas there is always an underlying story to tell. The best sites pull this off beautifully. As they say sell benefits (stories), not features.
Bienville Capital

As the web keeps evolving its important for us to figure out how we can convey our stories and adapt in the most intuitive ways possible. Staying on top of trends and innovation on the web is something every designer needs to be doing to stay in the game.


-Three Web Trends In an Ever Changing Environment

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