Stunning Sites That Showcase Great Web Design

10 years ago

Every business deserves to have a website with an excellent design. In order to fall into that category, the site needs to be nice to look at, offer a superior user experience, and most of all appeal to its target audience. If you are not sure what such a web design looks like, check out the following examples of particularly impressive sites. 


According to HubSpot, Mint’s website features a rather simple web design with a clear call to action. With just a glance of the site, it’s easy to see what Mint offers, thanks to the clear-cut headlines and graphic design that supports the text. No wonder so many people trust this site to handle information about their money.

Travel Portland

Each page of this site is clean and nice to look at, with plenty of quality images of the product it is trying to essentially sell: Portland. That’s why Creative Bloq took note of it, observing that the site even customizes content based on where the viewer is located. Now that’s a great example of responsive design.

Contents Magazine

This is another good instance in which responsive web design was used. Social Driver points out that the graphic design elements here, including any logos on the site, can adjust to fit any screen without reducing clarity. Plus, the articles on the website are presented in an organized fashion that makes them easy to delve into, which is important for a site revolving around content strategy!


If you check out, you will see that the site is clean and simple. At the same time, Awwwards recognizes that the graphic design elements render smoothly for having so much detail. This results in a pleasant user experience.

Great Lengths Hair

This is another responsive site that Creative Bloq noticed. More specifically, the site loads different pictures depending on the dimensions of the viewer’s screen, which is a must for any image-heavy website. As a bonus, the navigation is user friendly and the site is simply nice to look at.

Rally Interactive

Social Driver asserts that the web design professionals behind Rally Interactive really paid attention to detail when creating this website. Staying true to its name, it features lots of interactive graphic design details that are easy and fun to play around with. Now that’s one way to appeal to visitors, increasing the chance that they will stay on the site for a while and even return.


HubSpot highlights eWedding as a good example of great web design because its homepage is simple and easy to navigate. Instead of overwhelming the audience with clutter, it organizes the content into tabs, one of which is a call to action. This makes it simple for users to get started with the service, which is the ability to create a free wedding website.

Have you seen any examples of great web design lately? Let us know what site really stands out to you!


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