When Street Art Meets Advertising

10 years ago

Using street art for advertising is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool.  Here are ten awesome examples advertisements utilizing the street art medium creatively.

Kraken Rum

This advertisement for The Kraken Rum gives an innovative twist to those older painted brick wall building advertisements from the early part of the 20th Century for products such as Coca-Cola, advertisements of which this is reminiscent.


CVV Advert

This is an advertisement of the CVV (Suicide Prevention Center) “Help Yourself” Campaign.  I think it speaks loudly with it’s simplicity.


M&M Stairs

This is cute, colorful, and makes me wish that I wasn’t allergic to M&Ms.  With every step you take, you want those sweet little candy coated chocolates a little nit more.



This is such a cool way to advertise for Legos!



This is totally creative, an excellent spin on street art.



Folger’s coffee offers another exceptionally creative street art advertisement.  Having the steam come up through the manhole is a really cool touch.


Stop Smoking Campaign

This is an incredibly clever advertisement for a “Quit Smoking” Campaign.  Using a Stop Sign as a cigarette is ingenious.



How many of you would step around this Duracell advertisement?  Hey, I know it’s flat, but I would probably still try to step around it….



This is hilarious and innovative, and it definitely beats a traditional sign.


Local Farmer's Market-Portland

By placing trees in these simple orange containers, the marketers behind this gem of an idea have created carrots, which draw the attention of passers-by to the signs on the containers, advertising for a local farmer’s market in Portland.  Not only have the advertisers incorporated existing landscape, they’ve utilized appropriately to elicit thought of fresh produce.  This is genius at work.

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