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11 years ago

Keep your LOGO Simple and Interesting — Don’t Clutter Your Logo Design

As a graphic designer working in the business for over 20 years, I have come across a variety of good and bad logo designs. I have seen logos so full of random elements that it’s a wonder that a business can stay alive – if it does. I have found that the “key” to an awesome logo is keeping the design simple.

So, designing a clean and simple logo sounds easy – right? Well, that’s not necessarily true. Designing “simple” takes some thought as well as some serious skills!

Here are some basic guidelines to follow:

Having an attractive, professional, and appropriate logo design is imperative to promote a business and encourage new customers. A business logo design should be interesting and captivating without being too busy and cluttered. Keeping it simple will draw in new customers and help them understand what the business has to offer.

While a business itself can be complicated and offer various services and features, the logo should not tell the whole story. It doesn’t need to include every possible aspect of the business. It doesn’t matter what industry the business is a part of, if the logo is cluttered with too many colors, images, words, and symbols, the consumer will likely be too confused to understand the business, let alone be captivated enough to look further.

In order to narrow down only to the most important aspect of the business, think about the mission statement of the business. Even the most widely diverse businesses have a mission. Consider the mission along with the product or service to design a logo that gives just enough information. There only needs to be enough information to make the consumer search for more.

When designing the logo, take into account colors and shapes. Some colors are known to promote certain emotions in a consumer. For example, red is a stimulating color that increases passion and power within a person. Orange, another stimulating color, is often used at restaurants because it is thought to increase the appetite. Where blue is a calming color, so it works perfectly in hospitals and spas. Find fitting colors and symbols for your business that convey the right emotions and promote your product or service.

Simple beats complicated because it’s quicker. Logo designers can produce a logo that invokes quick feelings and actions. For example, when you want to sell a car, you don’t want to spend hours explaining all the features in great detail. You want to give them just enough information to help them realize it’s the perfect car for them so that once the sale is made, you can move on to the next customer.

Some design elements to steer away from is gradients and other design effects that actually distract from the logo design. Some designers use Gaussian blurs or other effects that are visually appealing, but keep in mind that they clutter up a clean design and most likely will cause some issues when you try to print your logo.

Another aspect to keep in mind as you are designing is how is the logo going to be used. Today there are so many ways to display your logo, on a business card, store signage, website, brochures, t-shirts, etc. There are so many different ways to market your brand that this is something to keep in mind as you are designing a logo. As well as who are you targeting your logo to: seniors, young adults, children, students, new moms, etc.

Once you have secured the right logo design for your business, you will soon see the effect is has on your current and future customers. Ideally, your business will grow, and you will always have this logo that will exemplify what you have to offer. Take advantage of every opportunity to improve your business, no matter how simple it is.

This process  may sound super simple, and most of the time it is. But it does take some skills to bring all the elements together. Creating is a process where you may hit some walls, and that is okay. As long as in the end you have an awesome logo that you are proud of and that delivers the message intended. In the end all that matters is that you love your logo knowing that it represents you and your business.

From one designer to another – remember to enjoy the creative process and have fun!


-Simple Logo Design

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