Seeing Red

11 years ago

Boy, do we love red!  Put it on lips, nails, cars and we all take notice.  It’s exciting, it’s riveting and it leaves us wanting more. Whoever thought of painting fire trucks that strange yellow/green knew exactly what they were doing.  We move out of the way when we see it coming, the color repels us!  But red, it’s like eye candy.  We stop, take notice, and drink it all in.

Feeling lonely?  Paint your front door red.  Seriously!  You’ll have more company than you know what to do with.  A red door is like a magnet, people are drawn to it.  Take a look at the picture below and notice what your eyes are doing.  They’ll move from one red dot to another.  Our eyes are sensitive to red, they like to play connect the dots with it.



I often hear people say how much they love red.  They want to use it everywhere.  My advice to them is this: milk red it for all it’s worth!  Meaning, less is definitely more.  If you go out and paint the town red, chances are you aren’t going to feel too good about it the next morning.  Think of red like little kisses; sprinkle them all around.  And remember, a little bit of red goes a long, long way!


– Seeing Red

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