Why Your Professional Logo Design Matters

7 years ago

You might think something like this:

“My company does great things. It does good things for the world. My design matters less than how much good it does.”


“I don’t really have the funds to advertise AND hire a company to do a professional logo design, so I’ll just have to do something by myself. How much does this Photoshop cost? (By the way, Photoshop is awesome, but you’ll need a few more tools).”

At some point in time, you might have been right. After all, both Starbucks and Apple started off with pretty crazy designs. Intricate, interesting, difficult-to-recognize designs, and look how successful both of those brands are today!

The thing is this: we, as a society, have changed. Our demands have changed; our attention spans have changed; our expectations have changed. We want relationships with companies. We want to love them. And how are you supposed to love a company that doesn’t have a face?

In essence, this is where a professional logo design can simply save your company entirely.

Customer Loyalty Begins with your Logo

At this point you might be thinking, of course we think a professional logo design is important – we are, in fact, a design company. However, we’re only a design company because when the world began to shift, people found themselves in need of some extra relationship-building tools.

Once upon a time, customer loyalty did not begin with a logo, and in fact started with you. People from your town would need something, and you would be there to give it to them – whether it was food, gas, or auto repair. Someone would say, “I need an oil change!” and their friend would say, “Oh, Billy does ’em fast!” and that’s how you would get business.

Though some business does still come through these channels, because of strong competition, a development of services that can be offered online, and the ever-changing landscape of what people want, it’s important to get every single advantage you can.

And being identifiable in each and every channel you occupy is a huge step in a positive direction.

Looks Do Matter When It Comes to a Professional Logo Design

When it comes to the face of your business, people want to know who they’re dealing with. That can be tough if you have limited physical locations or none at all because people can’t always walk in your door and see a smiling face. However, they can Google you and see what your logo looks like, and if you have good reviews, and if your overall presence matches what they are looking for.

Don’t get us wrong; people probably won’t look for your company to say, “what does their logo look like? Let me see if I like the colors,” but they will Google you to say, “Who are these people, are they sketchy?” and a professional logo design will go a very, very long way in making them feel like you’re someone they can do business with. In addition, it will help them remember who they did business with so they can come back.

Make That First Impression Impress

You only get one opportunity to make a first impression.

Professional logo design = first impression

You get one shot at converting a potential purchaser to a customer. You get one chance. In the world of dominating digital interactions, that one chance does not start with a conversation, or a website, but a logo. One concept all wrapped up into a unique, professional design is all you get.

Make it count.


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