New Daft Punk Website Has Sweet 1980’s Style

10 years ago

If you watched the 2014 Grammy Awards ceremony , then you ought to know who Daft Punk is.  Remember the two French guys dressed as robots who essentially swept the Grammy’s this year?  Well, that’s Daft Punk.



The New Website Design

Whether you are familiar with their music or not, Daft Punk’s new website is sporting excellent design.  They are offering merchandise with some awesome 80’s style, and it is very well done.  Furthermore, the website itself is clean and easy to navigate.  I am really loving its simplistic approach.  In an age when many web designers are adding more and more to their pages, the Daft Punk website has taken an entirely different approach.  It’s simple black and white theme with clean lines and minimalistic icons, is actually really cool.  Below are a few of the graphics from the website, illustrating that awesome 80’s style.  You can check it out yourself here:





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