Must-See Graphic Design Movies

11 years ago

Movie enthusiasts on the lookout for films that explore graphic design and marketing are in luck; they have plenty of options! Here are five of our favorite films that put our passion front and center.


logoworks-art-and-copyArt & Copy (2009). Ever wonder about the design process behind such trailblazing and wildly influential advertising campaigns as Nike’s “Just Do It;” Apple’s “Think Different,” and MTV’s “I Want My MTV”? Chock full of interviews with the advertising creative brains behind those campaigns, Art & Copy is a revealing look at what inspired the artists and writers who emerged from the “creative revolution” of the 1960s. This movie is required viewing if you’re looking to deepen your understanding of the history, psychology, and profound cultural impact of the marketing industry over the years.


logoworks-helveticaHelvetica (2007). If your favorite part of logo design is honing in on the right typeface, then this flick is for you. As you may know, Helvetica is the popular, ubiquitous sans-serif typeface found in public signage, package labels, poster art, and advertising all around the world. This fascinating documentary delves into the range of opinion on Helvetica, and, in the process, offers an investigation into the societal role of the graphic designer and the aesthetics of various fonts.


logoworks-logoramaLogorama (2009). This 16-minute French animated film, a logo lover’s delight, tells a story through the use of over 2,500 logos and company mascots. Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short Film in 2010, Logorama took over six years to make, and it’s not hard to see why; the creativity used to leverage existing logo designs for the sole purpose of storytelling is so impressive that you really must watch the movie to appreciate it! Check out this witty short film right here.


logoworks-inform-and-delightMilton Glaser: To Inform and Delight (2008). This profile of the life and work of Milton Glaser—creator of the “I Love New York” logo and co-founder of New York Magazine—is full of illuminating discussions about this iconic designer. A master developer of logos and brand identities, Glaser also worked in interior space and packaging design, and To Inform and Delight is a joyful excavation of his portfolio, spanning his career.


logoworks-why-man-createsWhy Man Creates (1968). Directed and written by graphic design legend Saul Bass, creator of logos for AT&T, United Airlines, Quaker Oats, and many more, this short animated documentary is a series of explorations, episodes, and comments on creativity. With its fun mix of animation and live action, it certainly delivers, offering a visually complex meditation on the imaginative process. What’s more, Bass even used portions of this film in his pitch for the Bell System logo redesign, a project which he won.


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