Love at First Sight: Alluring Web Users With Captivating Web Design

8 years ago

Today’s Internet users are all about how simple and quick is it to understand the content of a website. Having a catchy title is not enough to keep users engaged. Complicated websites with a wide variety of menu and sub-menu options prove nothing more than an inconvenience for many users. Moreover, a layout with this type of design scheme will only kill your viewership. To keep viewers interested, adopt an editorial layout that immediately grasps their attention.

Editorial Layout

Over time, many websites attempted new ways of catching people’s attention such as an animated introduction on the landing page. And not too long ago, Apple decided to invest money into what viewers want to see and how to keep them engaged and coming back. For over a decade, Apple’s eye-catching content has forced web designers to imitate the concept of Apple’s easy-to-navigate site to increase viewership.

An editorial layout immediately captures the attention because of its pictorial-rich content. According to, one of the most visited websites include Outside of its primary feature of selling and promoting products, what makes this site a top destination is the website design layout: Apple uses an editorial design scheme.

Consider having a moving GIF to best utilize this website design concept. A short commercial format of up to 10 seconds will do. Large icons or small pictures with short headlines below them are also ideal to explain further services or news.

To make your site useful, organize it with menus at the top of the page with only a few categories. Also, include small icons instead of words for easy navigation.

Usability Considerations

Always consider how the user will interact with your site. To keep viewers engaged, simplify navigation. Place an image below the menu bar to quickly demonstrate to the user what your product or service is.

Website loading speed and device compatibility are important usability factors to consider for ranking high on search engines such as Google. The site must be responsive, that is, it should look the same on a computer, phone, or table.

Since mobile devices have small screens, the best layout will include a simplistic three-icon design. Place your company logo central, at the top of the screen, and place a drop-down menu on the left-hand side for easy navigation.

The goal of the design concept is to keep it simple and allow images to tell the story of your site. By eliminating a wall of text and replacing it with attractive graphics and easy navigation options, engaging users is simple.

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