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11 years ago

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Hello Logoworks fans!

Pucker up and show your logo some love.

K.I.S.S. (Keep It Super Simple) is a very important aspect of logo design and business identity.

Have a closer look at the 2012 fortune 500 companies logos. What do their logos all have in common?  In a word… simplicity.

Simplicity with both your logo and company name is a key factor for a successful impact on your potential customers. For instance “Molly’s place to eat fabulous tasty breakfast lunch and dinner in a relaxed diner environment” is very descriptive, however “Molly’s Diner” would be a more appropriate and memorable company name. Your logo should reinforce or compliment your company name and neither your logo or company name should be trying to tell a story.

You have a short time in which to make an impression on your prospective customers. If you want to make an impact, the Logoworks team can help. Visit us at

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