RIP MS Paint: A Look at Its Best Creations

7 years ago

Before you panic (we certainly did), Microsoft has actually announced that they are keeping Paint around; however, it will no longer be on Windows 10 machines automatically. The app will be downloadable from the store if you want it, even after the release of Paint 3D. However, Paint will no longer receive any updates from Microsoft; if you want updates, you’ll have to download Paint 3D, which is also free in the app store.

Paint was the first digital drawing board for many a designer, and it makes sense that over three decades later, we still love our MS Paint. It gave so many people the chance to express themselves with colors that weren’t just limited to what was in the Crayola box, and play with different tools without dropping serious cash on things like Photoshop. In fact, while there was plenty of this kind of art made in paint:

You know you are guilty.

There is plenty of beautiful, painstakingly created art that was created pixel by pixel on the original digital canvas that is Paint.

Here are a few examples of some really beautiful stuff we’ve found in our travels across the internet and think our designer fans may enjoy. It just proves that it isn’t the tool – it’s the artist that really matters.

Unless you need an SVG file.

Amazing MS Paint Drawings

Credit: Pat Hines

Credit: Pat Hines

Credit: Gerardo G.C.

Credit: Capu Kat

Credit: Son of Jay

Credit: Griff Snuff

Credit: Lolita PL

Credit: Hal Lasko (and the man that created this is 97! Here’s a really cool story about him)

Did you ever create anything in MS paint? Did you want to? If you did – share it in the comments!

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