5 Most Trusted Brands

10 years ago

Recently, Entrepreneur Magazine surveyed more than five thousand of its readers in order to determine which companies have gained the most loyalty and trust.  Here are the top five results and why these companies are so successful.


Sephora Logo

This mega-boutique carries more than a hundred high quality brands of cosmetics and perfumes.  The store allows customers to try products in the store, providing a knowledgeable  staff of sales people to help instruct on make-up tricks and techniques.  The variety and the ability to sample products has completely transformed the way cosmetics are sold.

In-N-Out Burger

In-N-Out Burger

By serving a good product and creating a sense of exclusivity, In-N-Out Burger has gained a fanatical following.  Opening in 1948, the burger joint didn’t expand outside of California for forty-four years, and the chain still on operates locations in five Western states.  It took the business nearly thirty years to even add milkshakes to its simple menu, and apparently its best items are on a “hidden menu”, which only the biggest fans know about.


Publix Logo

This popular grocery store chain operates just over a thousand locations throughout Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, and South Carolina, and they have recently expanded into North Carolina.   What makes this grocery store so popular?  The company prides itself on quality customer service.  Multiple publications have ranked it as one of the best retailers to work for, and it is the largest emploee-owned grocery store chain in the United States, with around 165,000 employees owning a portion of the company.  The result is employees who take extra care to ensure customer satisfaction, making sure the lines are never too long, the store is always clean, and even running to grab a forgotten item for you.  The company also provides a quality house brand that really does save its customers money.


Patron Tequila

Established in 1989, this tequila company produces a quality product that essentially changed the way American think of tequila.  As a result, other high quality liquor companies followed suit.  Patrón focuses its efforts on quality, and while also maintaining a sense of innovation through the introduction of flavored varieties of tequila over the years, the company has maintained its stronghold on the industry for more than a decade.

Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's Logo

Trader Joe’s has formed a huge following for its independent grocery store vibe, providing an alternative to the standard mega-grocery store chains.  The company sells its own brand labeled items at significantly discounted prices.  It is known for having unique and environmentally friendly products, ranging from fresh produce to personal hygiene products.

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