5 Creative Packaging Ideas to Make You Feel Better About Your Miserable Life

10 years ago

So, your significant other just broke up with you, eh?  Or perhaps you just signed those divorce papers?  Are you a little, or maybe a whole lot, heartbroken?  I understand!  Here are five creatively cool, awesomely unique packaging designs that will make you feel better about your miserable life.

This candy packaging is certain to cheer you up.  It’s designed for happiness!  I recommend a multiple doses day.

Candy Packaging #1

Sparky is probably depressed too.  He’s one of your very best friends, right?  He totally feels what you feel.  Maybe in your agony, you also haven’t been paying as much attention to him as usual.

Depressed Dog

Oh la la!  Look at this!  Sparky will be very impressed when you bring home this to cheer him up and show him that you still care.

Packaging #3

You’ve no doubt been crying a lot, or screaming a lot, a maybe you’ve been doing a lot of both.  This definitely will give you a sore throat.  Ricola knows exactly how you feel.

Packaging #4

Do you know what else makes your throat feel better?  Ice cream!  These cool little tins are simply lovely.  Let’s eat ten of them, shall we?

Packaging #5


Finally, I’m sure you’re friends, and likely a few strangers at the grocery store, are telling you that there are other fish in the sea.  Well, I would rather just eat some candy fish.  Thank you.

Candy Packaging #2


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