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Nunavut is home to nearly one half of the total Inuit population of Canada and thanks to their innovation and industriousness, they have managed to endure the wilderness for thousands of years. Surviving in the commercial world is nowhere near as tough yet so many new businesses struggle to stay alive and it’s due mostly to the fact that they never got off the ground in the first place! Every business needs a great logo to help them get noticed. Thanks to the team of talented logo designers and dedicated project managers at Logoworks, a great logo is exactly what you’ll get. Just choose from the options below and we’ll make sure your business gets the traction it deserves from the get go!

Did you know…

There are 559 small businesses in The Iqaluit Province

53 percent of Nunavut citizens are employed by a small business

1.3 billion dollars of economic growth in Nunavut are from small businesses

Build your brand

Your logo is the face of your brand, the first impression you make on potential clients. It’s more than just a pretty picture and that’s where we come in. We have a team of expert logo designers who specialize in crafting custom logos that perfectly reflect your brands identity. We don’t believe in one-design-fits-all. We use our creativity and expertise to create a logo design that you’ll love.

Everyone Gets a Dedicated Project Manager

We take pride in ensuring that every client is paired with their own dedicated Project Manager. Your Project Manager will guide you through our process, from concept to completion, ensuring your unique needs and aspirations are met with precision and care.

Quality and Service

We prioritize delivering exceptional quality without compromise. Beyond merely matching you with the ideal designers for your project, we understand that every project is unique, and our mission is to elevate your vision by going above and beyond.

We Don't "Nickel & Dime" You!

Many graphic design agencies often charge extra for the expertise of their designers. We provide top-tier design quality with every package and price level, without any additional premium costs.

Real Designs, By Real Designers

We take pride in crafting distinctive creative designs. Unlike generic templates, clipart, or AI-generated artwork, every design we create is custom made, by real designers. 

Some Our Design Examples

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Client Testimonials

Instead of talking about ourselves, why don’t we see what others have to say!

Professional service. Prompt response. Excellent quality. Thank you.
Devin Boothe
Another fantastic experience, super simple process. We will come back for more.
Daniel Bainbridge
Guided Mind
This is the 3rd time i had a logo done by Logoworks, would gladly do it again, great job!
Yvonne Carter
Charm Thai Cuisine

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